What should you do if you have a flood emergency

Keeping Alert During Flood Emergency

Flood emergencies can be very stressful. It can even lead anyone to panic especially when the flooding is unforeseen. But what should families and homeowners keep in mind during flooding emergencies?

In its official website, the Canadian government published a guide for its constituents on what should you do if you have a flood emergency. Super Dry San Diego – Website Online Quote

What should you do if you have a flood emergency
What should you do when there is emergency flooding? (Photo Credits)

“Vacate your home when you are advised to do so by local emergency authorities. Ignoring such a warning could jeopardize the safety of your family or those who might eventually have to come to your rescue. (1) Take your emergency kit with you. (2) Follow the routes specified by officials. Don’t take shortcuts. They could lead you to a blocked or dangerous area. (3) Make arrangements for pets. (4) Time permitting, leave a note informing others when you left and where you went. If you have a mailbox, leave the note there.”

Read the whole guide here.

When it is too late to evacuate

The Government of Western Australia meantime issued some tips to its citizens on how to deal with flooding, specifically when it is too late already to move out of the specific location one is in. Fire Restoration San Diego

“Get to higher ground. Switch off electricity and gas supplies to your home. Prepare to move vehicles, outdoor equipment, garbage, chemical and poisons to higher locations. Prepare for the well-being of pets. Raise furniture above likely flood levels.”

Download a PDF copy of the whole material here.

What not to do

Weather.com meantime shared a list of things a person should never do during an emergency flooding event. In its list of wort things a person can do when it floods is to go through floodwaters. About Super Dry

“Unless there’s an extreme emergency that requires it, you should not wade around in floodwaters. You’re subjecting yourself to disease, sewage and dangerous animals that may be in the murky water. Depending on the area, that could include snakes, fire ants, spiders and even alligators.”

Check out the whole list here.

Flood emergencies can be life threatening. It is best to prepare even before any disaster could take place so it would be easier to cope when it takes place.